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Madagascar boas - species

Dumeril's Boa  Acrantophis dumerili

Dumeril boas are medium size snakes. True, a 7 foot snake which weighs 20 pounds will be 'huge' by most peoples standards, but not so big in comparison to true giant snakes - like the Burmese or reticulated pythons for example. And they don't look so big when curled up in the enclosure. They average at about 4 to 6 feet.

Dumerils can be found along the western coast and southwestern regions of Madagascar. They live in a semi-arid habitat, which has a fairly low amount of rainfall.

 Dumeril Boa

The Dumeril boas have distinctive patterns on their heads and bodies. They have pretty black blotches along their jaws.

 Dumeril Boa

The markings on their sides are also very unique. They reseamble a Chinese character meaning 'old'.

 Dumerils Boa

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